Fáilte! Welcome!

I’m Jenn.

Whenever I visit a new blog, one of the first places I go is the About section. I like to find out who is behind the blog and learn a little bit about them. Do they know their onions?

So… a little about me…

I started this blog to share some recipes, tips and information with friends – things that were a little difficult to explain over the phone or via an email. My very first post was How to Identify Elderflower. It’s been amazing to see thousands of other people start to visit the site too. Who knew that so many of you out there wanted to learn about the best way to dye brown eggs for Easter?!

I love cooking and crafts. I love chocolate in all its forms. I love the smell of coffee (but I can’t stand the taste). I love elderflower cordial. I love hiking and swimming. I love numbers and maths. I’m also a proud Gaeilgeoir with a great grá for our Irish culture and heritage.

I eat pretty much everything except for celery. I despise celery and can detect it in food from 100 paces!

This blog captures many of the recipes we make and activities we do around the table in our Irish Kitchen.