Ultimate Guide to Identifying Elderflower

Use this simple guide to confidently identify elderflower… then make the most fantastic summer drink you’ve ever tasted! How to Recognise Elderflower – the tree, the flowers, the leaves Plants which can be confused with Elderflower – plants often mistaken for elderflower   Elderflower Identification What does an elder tree look like? The elder (also…… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Identifying Elderflower

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The Best Way to Dye Brown Eggs for Easter

If you’re looking for the best way to dye brown eggs – this is it! Read on… Here in Ireland (and in some parts of the UK) the vast majority of eggs available for sale are brown eggs. (This contrasts with the US where most eggs are white.) While there is almost no difference between…… Continue reading The Best Way to Dye Brown Eggs for Easter

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Mango Sorbet {Only 3 Ingredients}

The temperature hit 18C yesterday in Dublin so, of course, we had to make hay while the sun shone* and make a batch of sorbet. A few years ago, we invested in an ice cream machine for the Irish Kitchen – one of our best decisions ever! We now have a constant supply of homemade…… Continue reading Mango Sorbet {Only 3 Ingredients}

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Mummy Cookie Pops!

Love Halloween. Love all the traditions. Love Halloween treats… but ONLY the spooky, fun kind. NOT the gory, gross kind. Cute meringue ghosts? Skeleton cookies? Spiderweb shortbread? Yes, yes and yes! Eyeball doughnuts? Severed finger cookies? Zombie brain cakes? No, no and no! If you’re looking for easy, fun, and definitely-not-gross Halloween treats, Mummy Cookie…… Continue reading Mummy Cookie Pops!

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Easy Big Batch Apple Sauce {No-peel method}

What do you do when you find yourself drowning in apples but with no time/energy/inclination to spend the next 2 weeks peeling said apples? Make no-peel apple sauce of course! I make vats of this apple sauce every year to use up windfall apples from our garden. While this method is a fantastic way to…… Continue reading Easy Big Batch Apple Sauce {No-peel method}

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Easter Bunny Bread

This adorable-looking little chappie should have pride of place on your table this Easter! As well as being super-cute, this little loaf is completely delicious. Our Easter Bunny Bread usually comes to the table sitting in his vegetable patch – fresh lettuce, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber wedges and broccoli florets. We add a spread…… Continue reading Easter Bunny Bread

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Homemade Elderflower Cordial

I am not a floral person. Don’t get me wrong… I love flowers! But floral dresses/curtains/upholstery? Not me. And floral flavours? Definitely not my thing. Rosewater in my ice cream? No thank you. Lavender in my shortbread? I’ll pass… The one exception to my floral rule? Elderflower. This beautiful, delicately scented flower creates the most…… Continue reading Homemade Elderflower Cordial