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Mango Sorbet {Only 3 Ingredients}

The temperature hit 18C yesterday in Dublin so, of course, we had to make hay while the sun shone* and make a batch of sorbet. A few years ago, we invested in an ice cream machine for the Irish Kitchen – one of our best decisions ever! We now have a constant supply of homemade…… Continue reading Mango Sorbet {Only 3 Ingredients}

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Easy Big Batch Apple Sauce {No-peel method}

What do you do when you find yourself drowning in apples but with no time/energy/inclination to spend the next 2 weeks peeling said apples? Make no-peel apple sauce of course! I make vats of this apple sauce every year to use up windfall apples from our garden. While this method is a fantastic way to…… Continue reading Easy Big Batch Apple Sauce {No-peel method}